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vint is designed to offer an easy and simple platform to buy and sell used clothing easy, secure, and scam-free for fashion enthusiasts who prefer a modern twist with a touch of vintage style.


Users are having trouble determining the actual quality and condition of items due to a lack of transparency. 

Due to the prevalence of scams and fraudulent advertisements, users don't feel secure when making purchases.


  • Develop a more straightforward, reliable, and user-friendly app.

  • Ensure the app benefits both buyers and sellers alike.

  • Prioritize familiar e-commerce fashion app interface.

  • Offering a service for control and authenticity insurance and free shipping.

  • Aim for a 50% improvement in the smoothness of the payment process for both buyers and sellers.

User Persona 


they/them, 27, Marketing Specialist, Milano

Photo by Karina Tess on Unsplash.jpg

First Lo-Fi Wireframes

Style Guide


Transaction Flow

For a better user experience during transactions, I gave priority to a recognizable, easy to use with CTA's, and transparent interface.

Final Designs

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