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Do you ever feel overwhelmed with all the tasks and projects you have to manage?

Well, let me introduce you to Breezy, a web-responsive management app that can help you stay organized and on top of things!


Challenges with Existing Management Tools and Apps

I began my research by carefully analyzing existing management tools and applications, specifically Trello and Asana. I collected user feedback from the App Store and Google Play Store, and used ChatGPT to extract detailed data on users' needs and pain points.

Managing daily tasks, projects, and personal matters can be difficult due to disorganization and complications.


Many users find it difficult to use the available tools and apps due to their


  • complicated and overwhelming interfaces
  • lack of user-friendly approach
  • and non-responsiveness across devices

These issues make it hard for users to understand and utilize these tools smoothly.

Conducting User Surveys to Gather Data 

After conducting a competitive analysis, I opted to conduct a user surveys to gain a clear understanding of our potential users. 

Here is one of the feedback I received:

Easy To Use

"I use management tool and I love using them. For me, it's important that I can easily use the app and assign tasks to my team."

Access Control

"I also want to be able to decide who has access to what, and what kind of access they have. I prefer an app that is flexible, easy to use, and has no constraints due to linking or commenting."

User-Friendly Design

"As the owner of a small pet babysitting service , it's important to me that the software is easy and simple. I'm currently using one app on my phone, but it's been a mess. I want to be able to delete something quickly without having to search for a function for 10 minutes, only to find it and still be unsure how to use it."

Utilizing this information to benefit the users

Based on my research, I've established user personas and identified the target audience for my management tool.

Creating personas for this project was interesting because I had to consider two types of users: those who use management apps daily and those who rarely use them and they mostly use only phone/tablet devices.

This was an  interesting chance to understand different user groups and see how both interact with the same product.

35 years
Hair Salon Owner
While experienced in the beauty industry, Laura might be less familiar with technology so she needs an straightforward tool that she can easily use.
She prefers a easy and intuitive tool on the phone as she spends much time in salon.
User Persona 2.png
48 years
CEO at Marketing Agency
She has multiple projects, to-do list, meetings, and deadlines daily. Joelle needs a time management app to schedule tasks efficiently and set priorities.
Joelle values a clean, simple and intuitive interface that helps her stay organized amid a hectic work schedule.

MVP Document

To create the Breezy MVP, I concentrated on incorporating functions that meet the fundamental requirements of our intended audience.

From first wireframes to usability test and iteration 

The UX design journey aimed to enhance usability and user experience.
During the usability testing phase, the users faced difficulties with creating tasks and understanding the interface.
I  improved the product by considering the feedback received from the testing. 
We decided to prioritized improvements for the next phase of the MVP, and the commitment to delivering a user-centric solution remained unwavering.

Luka, 53, Zagreb

"The login process was easy to follow and straightforward."

Style Guide

Testing Hi-Fi Wireframes & Iteration

I conducted usability testing on desktop Hi-Fi wireframes to ensure ease of use and functionality.


I reviewed the feedback and made several design iterations to ensure consistency and enhance the user experience by 30%.


Some screens were set aside for the next MVP iteration.


  1. Find how to add a new task.

  2. Edit a project in the management app.

  3. See all projects and track their progress.

Lucy, 34, Berlin

"The button was easy to find. I liked that there were 3 options for creating a task. Task was easy to complete."

Final Designs

Breezy - Home page.png
Projects - Management App.png


This project was a challenging yet rewarding experience, especially given the dynamic of working within a remote team.

Leading meetings, explaining design decisions, and collaborating with developer offered rich learning experiences.
Through communication, feedback, and goal setting, we successfully overcame challenges together.

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