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Cuxina is a responsive web recipe app designed for individuals with hectic schedules and those who don’t like cooking.

User Research

I began my research by analyzing the existing recipe apps and websites to gain a better understanding of the market. 

During my research, I found that many of these apps and websites were either filled with overwhelming information, not user-friendly or lacked personalized content.

I started by determining the objectives: WHO, WHY, WHEN, WHERE, HOW?

Competitive Analysis

To get a better understanding of the competition, I conducted a thorough analysis of two existing recipe apps/websites, which included:

User Persona

Mood Boards

I created two mood boards.

  • The first mood board called "THIS IS NOT A LOVE SONG" captures the essence of Mediterranean.

  • The second mood board called "It's time to wake up" is more realistic and minimalistic. 

The vibe is a combination of appreciating life's simple pleasures, valuing good food, and finding a balance between a busy lifestyle and the enjoyment of home-cooked meals.

Usability Testing

To ensure that potential users understand how to browse, search, filter and save recipes in the app.

The first Lo-Fi Wireframes were created using the Crazy 8s method.

Final Designs

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Thanks for scrolling.

User interviews, feedback, and critiques showed me how important small design details are. Negative spacing was a major challenge. I had to change my design direction, as my initial designs didn't translate well into functional high-fidelity designs. 

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