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Bία is a reliable, user-friendly native app that helps users (patients) easily find and book appointments for physiotherapy, sport therapy, and other relevant services.


Using a native app for searching and booking rehabilitation or physiotherapy services is more convenient and efficient.

A quick and simple method for locating services in the user's area, as well as the ability to easily manage appointments, including scheduling, rescheduling, or canceling them.


Gathering information on these types of centers can often be difficult due to a lack of details on many websites such as operating hours, availability, and contact information.


  1. To develop an app that is quick, efficient, and user-friendly, providing patients with the ease of booking appointments and completing essential paperwork seamlessly, all within one convenient platform.

  2. To create a productive online appointment booking system to maximize time efficiency by removing lines at the registration counter before patient sessions in physical centers.

Unique Features


Save and access

24/7 to all the user’s documentation


Send patient form

Provided from doctors to the mentioned centers and user’s health insurance


Scan the QR code

Based check-in system of the related center on the patients appointment to spare the time management

User Persona

First Lo-Fi Wireframes

Started sketching Lo-Fi wireframes using pen and paper, and then moved on to Balsamiq.

When transitioning to Figma, my focus was on prioritizing the sign-in process over the homepage. This decision aimed to enhance the user flow and streamline onboarding, ultimately striving for increased productivity.

Usability Testing

After creating the Lo-Fi wireframes, I tested its usability to assess both its functionality and design to provide the most user-friendly experience possible. I then went on and redesigned the app, incorporating the required upgrades and changes, taking into account the participant input.

“It's fantastic that you can arrange an appointment right away, and canceling or rescheduling is just as simple.”

~ Ines

"I don't know how to sign in, but I don't think it makes sense to have the email and code you get on the same screen."

~ Mirna

“It's simple to use and easy to understand. I haven't felt lost, and it doesn't contain any extraneous information.”

~ Bruna

Usability Testing Analysis


The prior "sign-in" concept was found to be ineffective and impractical based on feedback.


The UI is generally regarded by users as being user-friendly and simple to use.


To sign-in increase usability, a new page was added to the "sign-in" flow.

Redesign Sign Up Flow

I redesigned the sign-up flow based on participant input to enhance user experience and functionality. The goal was to simplify navigation and improve usability.

Android Mockups

iOS Mockups

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